PoD or Print on Demand is a demand based printing rather than supplier’s technology and interest based printing. For small print runs and for lowest upfront investment and impeccable product quality, print on demand is the best choice for an aspirant Author, Blogger or self-financed Author.

For details, talk with us – we are never tired of talking about this service.

Why?  Your editor has been our PoD’s first and returning customer.

Please see below the presentation and check whether you need PoD.

Bengal – A Study on Fortune

[ Excerpted from An Intimate History of Bengal, Pritam Bhattacharyya, Wordsmith University Press, 2009 ] Behind every fortune, there is a Crime – Balzac as ...

Marketing and Training Tips for new and aspirant Authors

Marketing your book and reaching the proper influence zones are as important as that of giving birth to it. This needs training,...

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