Fast Mobile Phone Tracker App For Android Phones

allows users to record and listen sound remotely

 “This app allows Android users to find their phones quickly and easily, and view the device’s location in the last 24 hours. It’s very helpful for parents to track their children’s phones or check in on a sick loved one and listen to what’s going on near them,” a company spokesman said.

Google Play App URL:

The key feature of the Phone Black Box is the audio function that records a 10 second snapshot of sound using the phone's microphone. If the phone is lost or stolen, the user can log into the website with a unique tracker number and listen remotely to the sounds near the phone. Homeowners can also use the app to listen-in to the house in their absence.

App website:

The Phone Black Box app may be installed and activated in normal or stealth mode, where it runs silently in the background as an added protection to locate the phone in the event of theft. The fast mobile tracker is immaculately engineered and optimized to run on any Android phone using very little power.

Phone Black Box is available for download on Google Play and is free to install. Tracking and monitoring services are available for a low monthly subscription fee.

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